How to top up crypto payment

Topping up allows users to add funds to their 1RPC account and ensure a sufficient crypto balance for their selected plan. Users who pay using crypto transfer tokens from their wallet to a designated payment contract.

Always verify our contract address: 0x3ACBfad7460e2fae32A31f863e1A38F7a002cEA8

Users should ensure that they have sufficient funds before their subscription renews to avoid interruptions.

How does it work

On the Billing Dashboard, under the Payment Details, select 'Top up your token funds'.

Select the desired cryptocurrency to top up (ATA, USDC, USDT).

Before topping up your token balance, please ensure you have sufficient tokens in your wallet.

Enter the desired amount to top up, e.g. 50 ATA.

You can only input whole numbers into this field.

The "Wallet" indicates the amount of cryptocurrency you have in your actual wallet (e.g. on Metamask).

The "Account Balance" indicates the amount of cryptocurrency that is deposited with us. For stablecoins, we have denoted them as a unified "STABLE" denomination within our system. We do not differentiate between USDC or USDT and hence, you may use them interchangeably when paying for your subscription fee.

For USDC and USDT, if you topped up 10 USDC and 10 USDT, our system will record it as 20 STABLE. The next time when the subscription renews (if you choose to pay via Stablecoins.), we will deduct the subscription fee from this 20 STABLE.

Rest assured that your USDC and USDT remain as per their native currencies, we do not perform any form of wrapping or bridging to your funds; the 'STABLE' denomination is purely a graphical representation on the application front.

Follow the steps on your crypto wallet to approve the allowance when prompted.

For stablecoins, if you have previously approved a lower allowance value, you will be prompted to reset the allowance to zero, followed by another approval for the top-up amount.

After the transaction is verified, it may require some time (up to a waiting period of 15 confirmation blocks) before the amount shows up in your account balance.

Once the top-up is successful, you can view the updated amount under Payment Details.

If your payment plan is currently set to ATA, your visibility will be limited to the ATA balance within the crypto payment contract.

The same applies to a payment plan set to Stablecoins, where you are only able to see the STABLE balance.

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