Transaction sanitizers

Click on Customize to start using transaction sanitizers.

Address whitelist/blacklist

Enter one or more addresses into the field and click on the Send icon. Alternatively, paste a list of addresses with each new address in a separate line.

Inputting an invalid address will return an error message.

Click on the 3 vertical dots besides each address to edit or delete it.

Click on Create new list to create additional lists.

When switching between blacklist and whitelist, create or select a list to set it as active.

Uniswap recipient validation

Toggle the button to enable the transaction sanitizer.

GoPlus address scanning

Agree to GoPlus's terms of use to start using the transaction sanitizer.

AvengerDAO address scanning

Select between different trust levels based on your own security threshold.

Explorer contract verification

Read and accept terms of service provided through the chain's official explorer.

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