Transaction sanitizers are custom rules that can be added, edited and removed instantly on the dashboard. They act as an active deterrence against phishing scams and attacks in Web3.

Use transaction sanitizers by logging into 1RPC+ on the top right of the site

Address whitelist/blacklist

  • Users can create, edit and maintain one or many lists of addresses on the dashboard.

Uniswap recipient validation

  • Ensures that the recipient of a Uniswap transaction is the same as its sender.

GoPlus address scanning

AvengerDAO address scanning

  • Ensures that the trust score based on risk levels provided by AvengerDAO Meter satisfies the threshold specified by the user.

  • The trust score is an indicator of the level of vigilance and caution exercised, with higher scores corresponding to more stringent checks.

Explorer contract verification

  • Ensures that the target contract address user interacts with is verified on the chain's official explorer.

  • Verification means that the source code of the contract is made accessible for public viewing on the blockchain explorer.

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