How to change from fiat to crypto payment

When changing the payment method from fiat to crypto, the existing fiat subscription would be cancelled immediately.

If you have insufficient tokens in the payment contract, you will be prompted to top up your account. Your subscription plan remains Inactive until you have sufficient tokens in your wallet to make the payment.

On the Billing Dashboard, click on 'Manage Plan'.

Select the ATA or Stablecoin as the payment token and a billing cycle (Monthly or Annually).

If you select the Stablecoin option, you can choose to pay in either USDC or USDT.

Click on the Proceed button.

On the Complete Payment screen, if you do not have sufficient tokens deposited in the payment contract, you will be prompted to deposit more funds.

You are required to sign 2 transactions:

  1. Approving Automata's smart contract to interact with your tokens

  1. Depositing funds into the payment contract

It will take 15 confirmations for your payment to be confirmed.

Once payment is successful, you should see this screen.

Your new payment method will be reflected on the Billing Dashboard.

This process also applies if you are changing your payment method from crypto to crypto (e.g. USDT to ATA).

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