1RPC Demo

Using relay nodes hosted within secure enclaves, 1RPC’s privacy-protected endpoints shield users from metadata leakage. 1RPC demo is an interactive site to show how the relay achieves true zero-tracking with a number of methods including metadata masking and multicall disassociation.

Turn 1RPC on

Click on the Turn 1RPC On button to toggle the interface.

The easy toggle between relays with and without 1RPC provides a direct and straightforward comparison on its privacy-protection features. Relays on 1RPC do so without exposing lots of unnecessary information about the user.

Connect wallet

To experience 1RPC demo with your own wallet account, click on Connect Wallet at the top right of the page.

A prompt will appear reminding you to install a wallet extension if you have not done so.

Once you have installed the wallet, check that you are connected to the right network by clicking on the wallet extension icon in your desktop or mobile browser.

Give it a few minutes and the section will update with real-time metadata that is received by infrastructure providers if you don't happen to be using 1RPC for your network requests.

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